Saturday, December 12, 2009

Growing up Overnight

Well, it has been awhile since I have posted anything. It is just so hard for me to find the time to sit down, and write, and Patrick is doing or saying something new everyday that I have a hard time keeping up. But I wanted to share a few of the smart, funny, or just plain cute things that he says and does.

First off his fav. movie is CARS. Absolutely loves that movie, and can quote a few lines from the movie. Some of his fav lines are:
"Lane Change Man!", "Boy, you're in a heap of trouble", "Real gone", "I gotta Say it", and he knows the entire chorus of "Life is a HIghway"(which he calls Mack's song.) He also calls all police cars "heap of trouble". Which I find very funny. Every time he sees a police car, he will say "Mama, here comes a heap of trouble" LOL

He really is growing up so fast. Tonight he told me he was cold, and I needed to turn the heater up. He also told me that he was not dirty and did not need a bath tonight. When he says things like that I can't help but stop and wonder where did my baby go. I love this age and I love watching him grown and learn, but it does make me a little sad to see him growing up so fast.

He also has such a sweet, sensitive side about him. He really does care about others at such a young age. The other day, I was a little down. It was just one of those days, and I was really missing my mom. So, I just sat down in the chair and cried. Patrick was busy playing with his toys on the floor, but he looked up and saw that I was crying. He got a real concerned look on his face. He jumped up and said "Be right back. Gonna go get my baby", and then he ran to his room. He calls his lovie his baby. It is a stuffed animal puppy dog that he has had since he was born. It has definitely seen better days, but it is definitely his security, and always makes him feel better. Well, he returns to the living room with his baby. He says, "Here mama. Baby will make it all better." He gave me his baby, and gave me a kiss. And I sat there amazed at what a sweet, caring little boy he is.

The holidays have been a blast this year so far. Patrick loved Halloween. And now he is definitely in the Christmas spirit. He loves to look at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music. He loves all the Christmas movies. His fav holiday movies are : Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Flinstone Christmas. We currently have 3 Christmas trees in our house, and Patrick helped decorate all of them. And I am proud to say that Patrick is beginning to understand the importance of giving. I took him shopping last week so that he could help pick out Christmas presents for his friends. And he was very receptive to the idea. He picked out toys for all his friends. He used to get upset when I bought a toy for one of his friends. He would get upset that he couldn't play with it. But now, he understands that those toys are meant for someone else. Tonight he helped me wrap the gifts, and he put them underneath the Christmas tree. He understands that those toys are for his friends. And he keeps asking me if I think Colten, Logan, etc will like it. He has not received one gift yet, but he loves everything about Christmas. And I think that is wonderful. With the over commercialization of the holidays, and the stress about getting/giving the perfect gift, it is nice to see that Patrick, in all his innocence, gets joy from listening to Jingle Bells, wrapping presents, and snuggling on the couch with his babies and watching some holiday classics.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Frogs and Robots, and One Silly Lil Boy!

A couple of months ago Patrick began to get scared of monsters, robots, and frogs in his bed. I would lay him down for a nap or for bedtime, and within five minutes he would start screaming. I would go into his room to find him crying, a terrified look on his face, and he would tell me he was scared of the robots, or there were frogs in his bed. I would assure him that the robots and frogs were gone, and then he would insist that I read him a story to calm to him down. This went on for several weeks, but now he rarely mentions frogs and robots in his bed. And I think I have figured out why...

I keep a laundry basket in Patrick's room. It is a medium size straw basket with blue and white checkered fabric, and I put all of Patrick's dirty clothes in it. Well, for the past week, every morning I go wake Patrick up, and the laundry basket is pressed up against the door. When it's full, it's fairly heavy. So, I have to push and push to get the door open. A couple of nights ago, I did laundry and I have yet to put Patrick's laundry basket back in his room. Being the resourceful fellow that he is, Patrick has taken a towel and pants from his drawer and places them in the crack of the door. So, now when I wake up and go into his room, it is even harder to get into the room. I honestly do not know what purpose this serves or why he does it. Maybe it does keep the robots and frogs out, maybe it just keeps mama and dada out, or maybe my child is just weird! But whatever the reason, I find it so cute and so funny.

Below is a recent pic of my precious little boy who never ceases to amaze me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Funny Boy!

As I am sitting here writing this, Patrick is in the kitchen with Bama and Ace. He put his little pot on the counter and is taking dog food out of the dog food bowl, and is putting it in his pot. He says that he is making soup for Bama and Ace. lol Such the funny boy!

Tonight he played hide-n-seek for the first time. It was so cute!!! He went and hid behind this chair underneath his easel. And Lenny would walk around the house saying "Where is Patrick" Is he in the bathroom?" Patrick would snicker and say Nooo. This went on for a bit until Lenny "found" Patrick. Then Lenny went to hide, and me and Patrick looked for him. It was so great to see and experience this with Patrick. Every new "First" that he experiences is such a joy. I feel so blessed that I have been able to stay home with him, and watch him grow, and change on a daily basis. I sometimes want to hit the pause button. He is at such a fun age right now, and is still so innocent.

His favorite phrase of the moment is "Go to Walmart, and find it." I don't really know when he started saying this, but I find it sooooo funny. The other day I was looking for his shoes, and Patrick says "Go to Walmart, and find it." We are out of icecream, and Patrick says, "Go to Walmart and find it." Anytime we lose something, are out of something, etc. Patrick's solution is Go to Walmart. I really think he should advertise for Walmart! This morning was classic! He woke up with a very bad case of bed head! So, I attempted to comb out all of Patrick's knots which he did not like one bit. He was fussing, and I told him that I was sorry, but I had to get the knots out of his hair. Once guess as to what his response was : "Go to Walmart, get new hair". Only if it were that easy...

I know I have not blogged in a while, but it is hard for me to keep up with all the smart, funny, crazy things that Patrick does on a daily basis. I will try to do better at writing because I never want to forget these amazing times that I get to spend with my little boy.

Things that Go Bump in the Night

The other night, after everyone was in bed, I decided to get on the computer for a bit. Patrick had been sleeping for several hours. The house was completely quiet when I heard a bump, actually it was a loud thud, come from Patrick's room. I thought that maybe he had fallen out of his bed, so I opened his door. And sure enough there was Patrick on the floor, climbing back into his bed with a somewhat dazed and confused look on his face. He climbed back in his bed and laid back down. I asked if he was ok, and he said yes, and then told me to close his door. The next morning I asked him if he fell out of his bed. He said Yes, and I asked him what happened. He said that he fell on the floor. Bless his little heart. I somehow do not think that was the first time that happened. But he didn't even seem phased by it. And for those of you wondering, Yes I do have rails on the side of his bed. But he rarely sleeps in his bed the right way. He usually sleeps with his head at the foot of his bed. And he occasionally sleeps horizontally on the bed. He still manages to sleep 10-12 hrs a night. So, I don't care which way he sleeps!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


So tonight, Brandon was outlasted by Jeanine, and I was disappointed. Kara was indifferent, as she liked both dancers, but I feel Brandon was by far the better of the two. Patrick has taken quite a liking to the show and is constantly asking us to play his favorite dances over again. Tonight, his favorite Bollywood piece was on, and like a broken record, there was Patrick, “Again….AGAIN!” What a lil stinker. And then, after the show, when Kara was feeding him, he was making the funniest faces tonight at dinner! Below are just a few. He really likes to please his audience, so he will always repeat a funny number! Also gotta give props to the birthday boy! Ace turns 1 on Monday!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Little Gymnast

We recently signed Patrick up for a gym class. He starts next weekend, and we are pretty excited! In the meantime, Patrick has been preparing for his first class by practicing his forward rolls. About a week ago, Patrick began trying to do forward rolls. He puts his hands down in front of him and then puts his head down. Much to my dismay, he does in fact attempt to roll forward, but always ends up rolling somewhat diaganolly. Lenny and I tell him not to attempt it unless he has mama or dada's help. But Patrick is quite determined. This morning Patrick was sitting in the computer chair watching Thomas the Train, and I was sitting on the couch. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Patrick hit the floor. He falls on his knees with his head on the floor. I ask if he is ok in which he replies Yes. I ask if he just did that on purpose, and he again replies Yes. So, I then ask him what he was trying to do, and he responds "Forward Roll"! lol He then gets up and says Try Again! I told him that we do not under any circumstances do forward roll off of chairs...such the dare devil!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The blue screen of death!

So, late yesterday afternoon I attempted to install a program.  Little did I know that this was no ordinary program.  Oh, no!  This was the program that literally ended ALL programs!  I should feel lucky that I did end up backing up all of our pictures up until March 25th of this year.  Unfortunately, I lost the ones from there after.  Good think Kara and I uploaded most of the good ones to Facebook and Youtube, otherwise, it would be even worse.


I have no excuse.  We own a 1 Terabyte external hard drive.  I feel like such a computer loser!  I mean…its not like it is my job to tell people on a daily basis to backup their data.  I mean, if that were the case, then I would REALLY feel like a dumbass….oh, wait…that is my job… *SIGH*

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Song and a Dance

Patrick has such a love of dancing! It is so awesome to see. We watch So You think you Can Dance, and we record all the episodes. Well, Patrick will specifically ask to watch the Dance show. And he has his favorite dances. His dancing usually consists of running in circles, or as he calls it: Spinning. He will occasionally throw in some breakdancing. He has also just started singing. And it is soooo adorable! We were coming home the other day, and Battlefield was playing on the radio. I was driving, and I heard some noise in the backseat. I glance over my shoulder, and see Patrick looking out the window, bobbing his head from side to side, and singing Batta field, Batta field, Batta field. Oh it was sooo cute!

One great thing about Patrick's love of dance is it's a great way to get him to clean! He usually has his toys thrown all over the living room floor. I will tell him he has to clean up if he wants to dance. And we will run around the room picking up all his toys and say "Gotta clean, Gotta clean!"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's All about the Potty

I am so proud of my lil man! He went pee on the potty tonight for the first time! I was not going to start potty training him yet. My goal was to have him potty trained by 3yrs old. But he has been showing interest in the potty recently. So, today I let him run around without a diaper on. He peed on the floor this morning. And I took him into the bathroom and showed him where to go pee. After that he had no more accidents! Tonight he was playing with his cars, and jumped up and said "Go Pee", and then he ran to the bathroom. I felt the carpet and there was a little drop on the floor. So, that means, he started to go, but stopped himself and ran to the bathroom. I was amazed at how quickly he caught on, and at his ability to hold it. The only problem we are having is his reluctance to actually go on the potty. I think he would rather hold it than actually go. After much coaxing, he eventually went on the potty. And I am so proud of him! He really is such a smart little guy.

I am sorry that this post is all about the potty, but this seems to be the only topic of conversation at our household at the moment! I am sure this is the first of many potty post. I just had to share our great news today. My baby is a big boy now!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Baby to Boy

Patrick will be 2 1/2 in Sept, and I honestly cannot believe how fast these first couple of years have gone . I can still remember rocking him for hours at night, and going into his room every night just to check on him (I must admit, I still do this sometimes!). He has grown into such a sweet, funny, and smart little boy. He knows all his colors, several of his shapes, and is learning his numbers. He loves to dance, paint, read, and play basketball and soccer. Everyday is a new adventure with him. His latest obsession is CARS. He has about 40+ Hot wheels, not too mention fire trucks, cement trucks, etc. And he doesn't just roll them around or race them. He gets very creative in his play. He puts gas in the car or as he says "Gas first", then he takes them through the car wash, making sure to "clean the windshield", then he tells me the man is working on his cars. I ask him what the man is doing, and he will say "Oil Change", and "new wheels". It really cracks me up. Another thing he likes to do is crash the cars then he gets an ambulance, fire truck and police car to help the cars. He tells me the cars need a band aid, and then he will kiss them to make them better. I love to see his little brain working, and putting things together. He learns something new everyday. And I feel so blessed to be his mom.

Tonight Patrick said something that I personally thought was so funny. I will give a little background info first. Patrick really likes robots, and it is really hard to find robots. So, I youtubed some videos of the Jetsons and Rosie the robot. He only watched it a couple of times, and that was about a month ago. Well, tonight Lenny was trying to teach Patrick "Ring around the Rosie". So, Lenny says:" Ring around". Patrick repeats "Ring Around". Lenny then says: "The Rosie", and Patrick says: "The Robot?" LOL

Thank you all for reading this blog. I am so proud of my little boy, and I love him more and more everyday.

Patrick Thomas, March 7, 2007

Taken just the other day

Wearing CARS shorts, and notice the car in his hand. He was at Botanical Gardens playing in the sprinklers, but nonetheless insisted on taking a car with him.

Our Big Boy!

Our first post...We'll get more creative later!

Hello ALL! And welcome to the world of "Le Five!" Our blog space name is a play on Le Febvre and the five of us: Kara, Lenny, Patrick, Bama, Ace and Chance! We decided to start this blog to keep a record of our crazy times and to also offer all of you a glimpse into our lives. We hope you enjoy reading about the things that are important in our world and can't wait to add more memories.

This is a pic of us on Easter Sunday.

Our 3 babies are best buds!