Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rockets, Dentists and poops!

OK…started off yesterday at the Space and Rocket Center so Patrick could blow off a lil energy before his very first dentist appointment.  So we are at the Davidson Center there, and there is a replica of the old Apollo space shuttles and you can sit in them and pretend to take off.  Patrick has always been terrified of this, but for some reason, this time he said he wanted to go in….however….he said verbatim “I want to go in…but I DONT want to blast off!”  Too funny!

The trip to the dentist office was awesome.  He was an angel, and I have the video to prove it (coming shortly).  His teeth are all in and looking good.  The dentist said he should be  a poster boy for how a kid should act in the office!

And today, Patrick pooped on his own lil potty.  Oh, by the way, today was also the first day he peed standing up! We went out to the River playground on Redstone and of course, the bathrooms were locked. So, he pulled down his pants and peed au natural!  And now we think he is all the way potty trained, as he has pooped on the potty 8 days straight!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

…I ah…think I left my wallet at home!

Story precursor…we had just gotten back from Chattanooga and had bought Patrick his very first wallet there….

So, Patrick and I were doing the grocery shopping at Wal Mart the other night.  Patrick keeps asking me, “We go home now?”  I said, “Patrick, we still have to pay.  Remember how we got you that new wallet?  And showed you that money goes in it?  Well, we need to pay for these groceries with money, just like what is in your wallet.”

He looks up at me, and then smacks his fore head in one of those “oh darn” moments and says, “Awwwe, I left my wallet at home!”