Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The blue screen of death!

So, late yesterday afternoon I attempted to install a program.  Little did I know that this was no ordinary program.  Oh, no!  This was the program that literally ended ALL programs!  I should feel lucky that I did end up backing up all of our pictures up until March 25th of this year.  Unfortunately, I lost the ones from there after.  Good think Kara and I uploaded most of the good ones to Facebook and Youtube, otherwise, it would be even worse.


I have no excuse.  We own a 1 Terabyte external hard drive.  I feel like such a computer loser!  I mean…its not like it is my job to tell people on a daily basis to backup their data.  I mean, if that were the case, then I would REALLY feel like a dumbass….oh, wait…that is my job… *SIGH*

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Song and a Dance

Patrick has such a love of dancing! It is so awesome to see. We watch So You think you Can Dance, and we record all the episodes. Well, Patrick will specifically ask to watch the Dance show. And he has his favorite dances. His dancing usually consists of running in circles, or as he calls it: Spinning. He will occasionally throw in some breakdancing. He has also just started singing. And it is soooo adorable! We were coming home the other day, and Battlefield was playing on the radio. I was driving, and I heard some noise in the backseat. I glance over my shoulder, and see Patrick looking out the window, bobbing his head from side to side, and singing Batta field, Batta field, Batta field. Oh it was sooo cute!

One great thing about Patrick's love of dance is it's a great way to get him to clean! He usually has his toys thrown all over the living room floor. I will tell him he has to clean up if he wants to dance. And we will run around the room picking up all his toys and say "Gotta clean, Gotta clean!"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's All about the Potty

I am so proud of my lil man! He went pee on the potty tonight for the first time! I was not going to start potty training him yet. My goal was to have him potty trained by 3yrs old. But he has been showing interest in the potty recently. So, today I let him run around without a diaper on. He peed on the floor this morning. And I took him into the bathroom and showed him where to go pee. After that he had no more accidents! Tonight he was playing with his cars, and jumped up and said "Go Pee", and then he ran to the bathroom. I felt the carpet and there was a little drop on the floor. So, that means, he started to go, but stopped himself and ran to the bathroom. I was amazed at how quickly he caught on, and at his ability to hold it. The only problem we are having is his reluctance to actually go on the potty. I think he would rather hold it than actually go. After much coaxing, he eventually went on the potty. And I am so proud of him! He really is such a smart little guy.

I am sorry that this post is all about the potty, but this seems to be the only topic of conversation at our household at the moment! I am sure this is the first of many potty post. I just had to share our great news today. My baby is a big boy now!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Baby to Boy

Patrick will be 2 1/2 in Sept, and I honestly cannot believe how fast these first couple of years have gone . I can still remember rocking him for hours at night, and going into his room every night just to check on him (I must admit, I still do this sometimes!). He has grown into such a sweet, funny, and smart little boy. He knows all his colors, several of his shapes, and is learning his numbers. He loves to dance, paint, read, and play basketball and soccer. Everyday is a new adventure with him. His latest obsession is CARS. He has about 40+ Hot wheels, not too mention fire trucks, cement trucks, etc. And he doesn't just roll them around or race them. He gets very creative in his play. He puts gas in the car or as he says "Gas first", then he takes them through the car wash, making sure to "clean the windshield", then he tells me the man is working on his cars. I ask him what the man is doing, and he will say "Oil Change", and "new wheels". It really cracks me up. Another thing he likes to do is crash the cars then he gets an ambulance, fire truck and police car to help the cars. He tells me the cars need a band aid, and then he will kiss them to make them better. I love to see his little brain working, and putting things together. He learns something new everyday. And I feel so blessed to be his mom.

Tonight Patrick said something that I personally thought was so funny. I will give a little background info first. Patrick really likes robots, and it is really hard to find robots. So, I youtubed some videos of the Jetsons and Rosie the robot. He only watched it a couple of times, and that was about a month ago. Well, tonight Lenny was trying to teach Patrick "Ring around the Rosie". So, Lenny says:" Ring around". Patrick repeats "Ring Around". Lenny then says: "The Rosie", and Patrick says: "The Robot?" LOL

Thank you all for reading this blog. I am so proud of my little boy, and I love him more and more everyday.

Patrick Thomas, March 7, 2007

Taken just the other day

Wearing CARS shorts, and notice the car in his hand. He was at Botanical Gardens playing in the sprinklers, but nonetheless insisted on taking a car with him.

Our Big Boy!

Our first post...We'll get more creative later!

Hello ALL! And welcome to the world of "Le Five!" Our blog space name is a play on Le Febvre and the five of us: Kara, Lenny, Patrick, Bama, Ace and Chance! We decided to start this blog to keep a record of our crazy times and to also offer all of you a glimpse into our lives. We hope you enjoy reading about the things that are important in our world and can't wait to add more memories.

This is a pic of us on Easter Sunday.

Our 3 babies are best buds!