Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Song and a Dance

Patrick has such a love of dancing! It is so awesome to see. We watch So You think you Can Dance, and we record all the episodes. Well, Patrick will specifically ask to watch the Dance show. And he has his favorite dances. His dancing usually consists of running in circles, or as he calls it: Spinning. He will occasionally throw in some breakdancing. He has also just started singing. And it is soooo adorable! We were coming home the other day, and Battlefield was playing on the radio. I was driving, and I heard some noise in the backseat. I glance over my shoulder, and see Patrick looking out the window, bobbing his head from side to side, and singing Batta field, Batta field, Batta field. Oh it was sooo cute!

One great thing about Patrick's love of dance is it's a great way to get him to clean! He usually has his toys thrown all over the living room floor. I will tell him he has to clean up if he wants to dance. And we will run around the room picking up all his toys and say "Gotta clean, Gotta clean!"

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