Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Little Gymnast

We recently signed Patrick up for a gym class. He starts next weekend, and we are pretty excited! In the meantime, Patrick has been preparing for his first class by practicing his forward rolls. About a week ago, Patrick began trying to do forward rolls. He puts his hands down in front of him and then puts his head down. Much to my dismay, he does in fact attempt to roll forward, but always ends up rolling somewhat diaganolly. Lenny and I tell him not to attempt it unless he has mama or dada's help. But Patrick is quite determined. This morning Patrick was sitting in the computer chair watching Thomas the Train, and I was sitting on the couch. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Patrick hit the floor. He falls on his knees with his head on the floor. I ask if he is ok in which he replies Yes. I ask if he just did that on purpose, and he again replies Yes. So, I then ask him what he was trying to do, and he responds "Forward Roll"! lol He then gets up and says Try Again! I told him that we do not under any circumstances do forward roll off of chairs...such the dare devil!

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  1. I will be watching the Olympics in 2020 and I had better see him. :-)